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      1. 1,866 Sideboards

        The history of sideboards is made of old flavors and traditions. Initially, this storage was built as a big wooden box with doors and drawers that was used to prepare and preserve bread. Under a lid you could find flour, yeast and all the other ingredients you need to prepare bread. Once prepared it was preserved in the same storage. Nowadays, the sideboard has been reinterpreted and used in many different ways. It’s not used to prepare food anymore. It is a storage unit that can go in many different rooms, not only in the kitchen or the dining room. It can decorate hallways, studios, etc.

        Compared to highboards which basically are kitchen wardrobes, sideboards are short and extend in length. It can have feet or it can be put on the floor, it can be wall mounted and it can come with open or doored storage. Depending on the available space, choose a sideboard with sliding doors or a sideboard with swing doors. The first model doesn’t need space for the doors, the second does. Think of a sideboard with drawers for small objects, cutlery, tablecloths and also documents. Depending on the use and type of objects you need to store away, you can choose modular sideboards made up of several elements like open storage if we want books or decorating objects to be visible and large storage for larger objects and drawers for small objects you need to have handy.

        The added value of this piece of furniture is that the upper surface can be completed with vases, photo frames, pocket emptiers and, what’s more, thanks to its height (about 60 – 80 cm), we can have the wall above it free to get a mirror or a painting hung on it to add a touch of color and style to that part of the house.

        It is versatile in its shape and use, the sideboard can be a design experimenting object: indeed, you can find square clean line ones, edge-less curvy ones, elements that play with volumes and surfaces. Sideboard finishings determine their style. Laquered, shaped doors and informal shapes for your contemporary style sideboard. If you prefer more elegant lines, choose a classic style sideboard. The rounded doors and the precious inlay work will highlight your antique taste furniture. ... More ... less


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