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      1. 83 Food trolleys

        Convenient, practical and functional. Trolleys are very useful at home!
        When you need an additional worktop or when you need a movable support, a trolley is what you need. It comes with casters and so it follows you everywhere. This is its principal function. It’s versatile so it can become a supporting top, a service table or a TV or Pc table.
        Trolleys with drawers will be even more practical. Imagine you have sandwiches, chips and drinks on it while you’re watching TV with your friends. Having handy napkins, silverware, straws in the drawers is really convenient!
        For more storage space choose a multi shelf model with doors so your trolley will also function as an additional storage unit. Space is never enough.

        If you want a trolley that can be stored away when not needed, choose a foldable trolley. Pins and hinges will let you close it easily and store it in a wardrobe.

        Let’s have a look at the materials. Choose a wooden trolley for a sturdy and resistant model, durable and sure to impress. A metal trolley, instead, is lighter and easy to move around. It doesn’t interact very much with the surrounding furniture.
        Choose a plastic trolley if you think you’re going to use it outdoors too, if you need an informal and light object and an easy to clean item.

        Don’t forget style! Even if it’s a small piece of furniture, trolleys will have to blend with the rest of the furniture. To avoid the annoying intruder effect, choose a classic style trolley if your furniture follows this style. Choose a wooden model with decorated legs and top with inlay wood.
        If your furniture is informal and lively, choose a contemporary style trolley which will add that extra touch to blend it in the house. ... More ... less


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