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      1. Mizetto: Nomads in the Ever-Changing Office Landscape

        "Function that moves with you. Where ver you go, we go"

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        Mizetto: Nomads in the Ever-Changing Office Landscape
        04/10/2019 - Innovative design and skilled craftsmanship flourish in Mizetto. Design, durability, quality and function are equally important to us.

        "Everything is in constant motion. A new starting point, changing needs, new paths to reach your goal. Each day brings new opportunities. Function that moves with you. Where ver you go, we go.”

        High-quality, environmentally friendly and cost-effective production. We own our own production and we have control over the quality of everything we deliver. Together with local subcontractors, we minimize our environmental footprints.

        During London Design Fair they presented their news for 2019, Bin There L and S, Hangout, Bistro and Alster Collection together with two Award Winning products, Arkityp and Cottage.

        Hangout Hangout


        Innovation requires new thoughts and different perspectives. Let Hangout become your natural companion in the creative process. Exposure and enclosure in a successful combination. The glass panel on the end-side works for sketches, thoughts and ideas - but also as a room divider. Hangout is all that you need - a light, mobile, versatile, standing table. With Hangout, innovation is most important. One space, where everything is possible.

        Bin There/Bistro Bin There/Bistro

        Bin There/Bistro

        Rolling elegance in the Urban Jungle Bistro and Bin There takes you by surprice with their 1930's touch. The round receptacles with leather details and wooden lids, solve the recycling needs with elegance - Placed in the trolley or freestanding on their own. Without lids, Bin There become decorative flowerpots for greenery, oxygen, texture, and life. Bring the jungle with you wherever you go! Details in vegetable tanned leather. Choice of tray and lid in white pigmented ash veneer or matt varnished oak veneer.

        Arkityp/Arkiv/Arkad Arkityp/Arkiv/Arkad


        An award winning archetype. With strong form, the recycling vessels move out of the shadows. Make room for the 2019 German Design Award Winner - Arkityp . Together, Arkityp, Arkiv, & Arkad, give an elegant and strong impression to create order in your recycling needs. Typical function with atypical shape. Slightly roughened lacquered aluminum with a matte finish. Wheels and soft handles in solid birch. The tight but natural looking design language. Based on the archetype of a recycling vessel on wheels, they are modern sorting furnitures that do not need to be hidden away. 

        Alster Alster


        Hard cardboard meets soft leather. Alster to wear with pride. In sharp folds, paper becomes hard. Within the encounter of lacquered surface and soft natural leather, harmony unfolds. Together with Alstermo Bruk, we´ve developed a series that lifts the concepts of personal storage to a new level. With 100% recycled fiberboard, and natural tanned leather, we are able to minimize the environmental impact. Durable lacquered cardboard bags are a natural part of the mobile and environmentally conscious office. A choice to be proud of. Folder - A foldable office bag for the activity based office. Fits in all our lockers. Holder - An accessory to Folder. Keeps paper, pens and computer organized. Shoulder - A computer case that you can easily throw over your shoulder. Hipster - A bag with a lot of character that can easily be adjusted between three positions; portfolio, shoulder bag and backpack. Roller - An interpretation of the classic drawing tube, holds rolled A2 sheets. 

        Cottage Cottage


        Breathing Space – It is between the spaces we get room to breath Cottage is an architectural storage; a hybrid between sculpture and function. With dynamic modules that can change use from one day to another, Cottage questions the traditional definition of storage. A larger, shared cabinet for the entire team can be dedicated to any particular project. Your personal belongings get their own locker. By programming the lockable cabinets, they can be occupied by different users for different needs. The open modules furnish creativity. A structure with changing content, for all. Cottage won 2019 German Design Award for excellent product design.

        Pose Pose


        Rows, angles, and repetition. Combine Pose to create a graphic pattern or a winding maze. Pose is an exposure shelf that can be all that you need: mailbox, paper stock or magazine shelf. With high-quality craftsmanship, beveled edges, precise corners and small depth, Pose can become more of a sculpture than furniture. Pose is available in three different sizes to be combined and varied in indefinitely.

        Mizetto on Archiproducts.com

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