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      1. A Weeping Willow Falling From the Ceiling

        Cameron Design House presents the limited edition Steinway Haara Chandelier at LDF

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        A Weeping Willow Falling From the Ceiling
        20/09/2019 - Launching during London Design Festival 2019 is a brand new and exclusive collaboration between Steinway & Sons UK and Cameron Design House, which celebrates timeless design and the excellence of master craftsmanship.

        Steinway & Sons, makers of the world’s finest pianos for over 160 years, has teamed up with award-winning British bespoke sculptural lighting company Cameron Design House to create the limited edition Steinway Haara Chandelier.
        Synonymous with unique, contemporary design and refined craftsmanship, the spectacular Steinway Haara Chandelier by Cameron Design House, inspired by Steinway’s iconic black lacquered gloss finish, comes complete with beautiful brass accents and the iconic Steinway & Sons emblem.
        'We’re delighted to be working with the iconic Steinway & Sons UK to create this incredibly special limited edition lighting piece. The organic and delicate structure of the Haara is the perfect balance to a Steinway & Sons piano, adding grandeur and expressiveness to a room, perfectly complementing one of the most beautiful musical instruments ever created' Ian Cameron, Creative Director of Cameron Design House.

        The limited edition chandelier, based on the iconic branching frame of the Haara from Cameron Design House, evokes the natural beauty of a weeping willow falling from the ceiling. The delicate and finely engineered structured centrepiece, derived from close observation of nature, is designed to make a statement to be appreciated from any angle. The Steinway Haara chandelier is made up of cylindrical lanterns, assembled from hand-drawn glass and polished brass with the final end lantern in the iconic Steinway black lacquered finish and the Steinway logo, designed to be admired whether the light is switched on or off.
        A limited run of 10 pieces will be handmade to order by artisans in Cameron Design House’s St Johns Wood workshop.
        The Steinway & Sons UK x Cameron Design House chandelier will be unveiled and on display throughout London Design Festival 2019 at the Steinway Hall London in Marylebone.
        The unique, fluidic entwined Inari chandelier by Cameron Design House will also be on display during London Design Festival at the Front Rugs showroom on Bruton Place, Mayfair.

        Cameron Design House on ARCHIPRODUCTSA Weeping Willow Falling From the Ceiling

        A Weeping Willow Falling From the Ceiling

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