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      1. Workplace 3.0's Logo

        Workplace 3.0

        04-09 April 2017 / Italy, Milan



        Rho Fiera Milano
        Rho Fiera Milano

        Workplace 3.0

        Arper + Studio MAIO
        Fantoni at Workplace 3.0
        Products that communicate, even though they do not speak'
        Sesta new collections presented at Workplace3.0/Salone Ufficio
        PIXEL: creative spaces for a new meeting culture
        Estel celebrates eighty years of history at Salone del Mobile
        Ares Line and Contract Design Network at Salone del Mobile
        'Together'. Arper at Salone del Mobile
        Made in Florim Design Week: a fine blend of Art and Design
        New Luxy seatings for contract e workspaces
        i 4 Mariani at Salone del Mobile
        Starpool Wellness Concept @Work
        Laminam at Milano Design Week
        Faram new collections at Workplace 3.0
        Humanscale, shaping the future of work and wellbeing at Workplace 3.0
        Workplace settings inspire new Boss Design line-up
        PLYCOLLECTION unveild a Brand New Finish for Frame Chair
        Nowy Styl Group: Joyful sense at work
        'Trash' as an industrial material of the future


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