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        10-22 May 2019 / United States, New York



        New York
        New York


        Logica Celata landed in the United States
        Lema furnishes the apartments of the new 565 Broome Soho
        Jewel Lamps and Feminine Furniture
        Articolo in the Heart of New York City
        'An Inspired Connection': kinder Modern x USM
        Lake Ripples and Entwining Lights in NYC
        Comfort and Practicality in Every Line and Stitch
        Materiality and Comfort by Poliform @ NYCxDesign
        smarin Redefines Sitting with the sChaise
        Interlude by Apparatus
        Dark and Striking: Lee Broom in NYC
        Pastel Shades and Airy Interiors: Egg Collective Unveils the New TriBeCa Showroom
        Emotional Lighting
        The Chaise Longue Revisited by Slash Objects
        Unnatural Habitat. Shapes Suspended in Time
        Design Icons of the 60s and New York Style
        Column Collection: An Architectural Exercise
        'Angels in the Architecture': Laun @ Next Level
        Trueing and pas de calais Link up for NYCxDesign
        Reason to Pause: Peca @ NYCxDesign
        Vibrant and Out-of-the-Ordinary
        Design + Joinery: A Love Affair by Armada NY
        Ladies & Gentlemen x Henrybuilt @ NYCxDesign
        Humanscale @ ICFF with Freedom
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