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      1. NeoCon's Logo


        10-12 June 2019 / United States, Chicago





        Ethnicraft: Balance Between Form and Function
        Parasol for Outdoor Sun, Paranoise for Indoor Noise
        Softness, Harmony and Flexibility
        The office by Pedrali at NeoCon 2019
        New Furnishing Option for Framery 2Q Unveiled at NeoCon 2019
        NeoCon Extends Outdoors
        Viccarbe: Mediterranean Design
        'Together, softer'
        Noom Chair Makes Your Workplace Lively
        Here Today, Here Tomorrow: 75th Anniversary of the 1006 Navy Chair
        Nova C Series Continues to Expand
        Mobile and Modular: New Hush Acoustic Pods
        Snowsound Shapes Sound @ NeoCon 2019
        Knoll: The “Total Design” Perspective for the Contemporary Workplace
        Beyond Pavilion: A New Partition System Solution
        Savile Adds Rich Texture to Floors, Walls, and Windows
        KI Presents the New Pieces of the FourC Collection
        Shaw Contract Presents a New Colors for Dye Lab Collection
        Textile Inspired by Fractals, Chaos and Flow and the Fibonacci Sequence
        JANUS et Cie Presents New Pieces for the Rio Collection
        Arik Levy + Coalesse
        Fluid&: Perfectly Imperfect
        Steelcase at NeoCon
        Aspecta Tilt & Tones
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