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      1. London Design Festival's Logo

        London Design Festival

        14-22 September 2019 / United Kingdom, London




        London Design Festival

        Masters' Talk: Art and Technology in the Heart of London
        Liqui Contracts at 100% Design
        Mizetto: Nomads in the Ever-Changing Office Landscape
        Inside the Box. Lema at LDF
        Natuzzi Italia at London Design Festival
        Light + Silence
        Talk to Me: HI-MACS® Installation at Designjunction
        Fluid Atmospheres, Glimpses of Nature and Colour
        A Weeping Willow Falling From the Ceiling
        From Metal-Mechanical Industry to Cutting-Edge Design
        Rafael: Soft Shapes With a Tribal Touch
        Florim at the Saatchi Gallery for I-MADE
        ZAJC Kitchens at London Design Festival
        Natural Product Links Jess with Studio Suolle
        Moooi Brings Serenity and Imagination to a Busy Life
        Verpan Introduces Hive, a New Style of Lighting from the Panton Archives
        ALPI at LDF with the Installation by Martino Gamper
        Glass Culture Arrives in London
        Porro at the 2019 London Design Festival
        Sofa inspired by 1970s Italian domestic design
        Epilogue Collection: The Praise of the Real Stone
        Traditional Korean Garments Inspires Jumony
        Sensi: From Senses, Sensitivity
        From North to South, East to West: Design Invades London
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