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      1. ISH's Logo


        11-15 March 2019 / Germany, Frankfurt





        'Flowing into the Future': Alessi by Hansa
        Breccia by antoniolupi
        Transform Your Washplace Ritual
        Tap Design by Meneghello Paolelli Associati
        SPARTHERM: Minimalist Design and Archaic Steel
        Bette's Bathroom Space Solutions
        Dynamic Lines, Rigorous Design
        IVAR at ISH with Many New Solutions
        HEWI's Bathroom Design for the Whole Community
        Reframing Minimalism: Meta is Renewed
        Zucchetti: Kos Bathroom Experience at ISH
        Furniture for Life: Open Models and Volumes in Movement
        Step-by-Step and Plug&Play at ISH
        FIR Italia Colors the Bathroom
        Symbiotic Contrasts: Form, Matter and Function
        Hydro, Urban, Suite and Luxor
        Villeroy & Boch Bathroom Collection Made by TitanCeram
        BetteCraft: Like Porcelain Shells
        Falper: Minimalism and Sensorial Matter
        Expanding Heating Potential
        DURAVIT @ ISH 2019: Holistic Bathroom Design
        Space-Saving Solutions for the Bathroom
        Your Bathroom in Color
        The Pleasure of Matter
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