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      1. IMM Cologne's Logo

        IMM Cologne

        13-19 January 2020 / Germany, Cologne




        IMM Cologne

        Sebastian Herkner + Ligne Roset
        Effe by Effegibi: a New Chapter
        Antoniolupi. Matter and Minimalism
        From Das Haus to Your House
        Formal Rigor and Soft Geometries. Flexform in Cologne
        Norr11 Presents the new Lighting Collection
        Schönbuch: An Inspiring Journey to the Seaside
        The new Café Thonet by Sebastian Herkner
        Pointhouse at Imm Cologne
        'A la fresca' – A Tribute to the Mediterranean Way of Living
        Ayno by Stefan Diez. Simple, Dynamic, Radical
        New 2020 collection by Sits
        The Pure Talents of Imm Cologne 2020
        Cortina.026: Fresh, Stackable and Modular
        Evocative Light, Scenic Textures
        Hanne Willmann for Schramm. Simple and Sustainable
        Minotti at Imm Cologne
        New Wittmann Collection Designed by Luca Nichetto
        Spectra UX collection by Umbrosa
        Organic Shapes Inspired by Shark
        Magis in Cologne
        Leolux at IMM: Italian Flavour
        The Architecture of the Bathroom According to Agape
        Molteni&C|Dada Group at IMM Cologne
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