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      1. Eurocucina FTK's Logo

        Eurocucina FTK

        17-22 April 2018 / Italy, Milan



        Rho Fiera Milano
        Rho Fiera Milano

        Eurocucina FTK

        'The Impact of Compact'
        Industrial style for kitchen
        Cesar presents Williamsburg, The 50’s and Intarsio
        Dolce&Gabbana + Smeg. Sicily is my Love
        Design and connectivity: Elica premieres new products at Eurocucina 2018
        Abimis introduces the mirror effect in the kitchen
        Kurkum, the kitchen designed by Marco Costanzi architect
        The "Purist" world of SieMatic
        The New BORA Professional
        Mia by Carlo Cracco, a new project by Scavolini
        Inside System by Ernestomeda
        Falmec is ‘Life inspired’ at Eurocucina FTK 2018
        Silverline presents built-in hybrid designs at Eurocucina 2018
        New cort-en finishes for the Sanwa Company kitchen
        Officine Gullo reinterprets the cookers of the past
        The Abimis kitchen goes outside
        Valcucine. Genius and customisation
        HERA: the kitchen inspired by the atmospheres of the English countryside with a contemporary twist
        Architectural volumes, precious finishes and absolute creative freedom
        'Revolutionary excellence' with Miele at Eurocucina


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