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      1. Design District's Logo

        Design District

        06-08 June 2018 / The Netherlands, Rotterdam




        Design District

        Retro inspiration for Cizeta L'Abbate chairs
        Conmoto at Design District
        JUNG Focuses on Timeless Switch Design and Smart Applications
        Jess teams up with Robert Bronwasser
        Jori Brings Flexible Seating Comfort to Design District
        LaCividina at Design District Rotterdam
        Dieffebi at Design District
        Lonc expands its collection with new chairs and lamps
        VITAWORK extends the LUCTRA® range
        Nix. Elegant Comfort
        Fusing Light, Technology, Architecture & Shape
        KFF @ Design District in Rotterdam
        Hollands Licht new collection @ Design District
        Groove, a new pendant lamp by Puik
        Vincent Sheppard at Design District
        Minimalist and sculptural. Mokkō at Design District
        Elise Luttik. Transparency and femininity
        Mattiazzi presents Forcina collection at Design District
        Enfold Sideboard by Thomas Bentzen for MUUTO
        Nihan: the armchair you can really relax in
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