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        14-19 January 2019 / Germany, Munich





        Sunlight in New Dimensions
        Aparici Presents Expressions at BAU 2019
        Designer handles at BAU
        "L'architettura per le mani" at BAU
        The Wearing Effect of Time
        50 Years of Alucobond®
        Revestech @ BAU 2019
        FerroFinestra W75 TB at Bau 2019 in Munich
        Profilitec at BAU 2019
        ECLISSE presents three new products at BAU 2019
        Renson Launches its First Solar-Powered ‘Fixscreen Solar’ for Retrofitting
        Invisidoors: Sleek and Seamless
        Constant Innovation
        LISTONE GIORDANO: every wood surface, every form of genius
        NPS® System by Tecnostrutture at BAU in Munich
        Optics, Haptics, Acoustics: Vorwerk Launches New Sonic Tiles
        Performed to Nuance
        Grey Can Be Colorful!
        Marbled or three-dimensional effect for OmniDecor Glass
        Convex: New Colors, Finishes and Trends for Handles
        Future Visions in Glass
        Chemolli Fire supports Barausse in certification of new products for USA and Europe
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